Monday, May 2, 2011

Michael Chabon's B+ workshop story is sitting on my desk next to me

I am home, back in the suburbs of Central Pennsylvania, suspended between the two metropolitan hubs of the state. Each time I return home from school, the (culture?) shock gets worse. I was driving out of the library parking lot, and I suddenly noticed how quiet it was. I was so used to the constant noise of the city that it freaked me out.

I've reread some YA books I love since I've been home. I went on a library run today and got, like, six books, so I'm set. I'm trying to read at least two books a week this summer because god knows I'm not doing anything else.

Except writing. Trying to write. That too. Also working my shitty retail job, but that doesn't really count.

I have an idea for a thing. I'm going to try to turn that idea into a real, existing thing.

None of my friends are home from school yet. All of my friends who are out of school (understandably) have real adult things to do and therefore not a lot of free time. Honestly, I really don't have too many friends at home, and the number dwindles every year as we all get older and stay at school or move away or get married and have babies or what have you.

My dad and I ate canned turkey chili for dinner. I really am home.


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