Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something that occurred to me:

I was on the phone with my father the other day, and we were talking about the piece I'm writing for my autobiography class. It's a "fictional autobiography" though I use that term loosely, and it's about Centralia, a town near where my grandparents live. There's a mine fire in Centralia that's been burning since 1962 and caused the nearly complete evacuation of the town starting in the early 80's. So my dad and I talked about Centralia for a while, and then he asked if he could read the piece when it was finished.

This is the first time (that I can remember, anyway) that my dad has asked to read a piece of my writing. As a matter of fact, this may be the first time he's read a piece of my writing since I was in middle school. It's not because of a lack of encouragement or interest or anything. Both of my parents have been incredibly encouraging and supportive of me as a writer. My dad is paying my tuition to get a degree in writing. I've just never really volunteered to share my work. My mom has asked a few times, and the answer is always no, which mostly just has to do with me knowing my mother and her reactions to things. But my dad has never asked me, until now.

I won't lie, it was a little proud moment for me. And I'm glad he asked about a piece that I'm not worried about sharing. The main reason I don't share most of my writing with my parents is because it would just be... awkward. Supermega awkward.

The point of all this, though, is that I'm really glad that my dad cares about what I'm writing and wants to read it. That's a big thing for me.

In other news, I read the beginning of Sarah Rose Etter's Tongue Party, which won Caketrain's 2010 chapbook contest. It's pretty fabulous so far. Her chapbook and the runner-up, Short Dark Oracles by Sara Levine, are available for pre-order now. Must get my finances in order and do some pre-ordering. It's sad that I actually have to check my financial situation before I spend $12. Very sad.


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  1. I came to your blog through Notebooker Esq's blogroll and I've enjoyed catching up on reading your posts. I can completely identify with not sharing your writing with your parents. When I was younger, I never would have done such a thing, too much angsty teen/young adult stuff going on for me to feel like my parents could relate to it. I started a blog a little over a year ago, and now that I'm close to 40 I appreciate an adult perspective on my writing. Still, my mother is the one that reads my blog; I'm not sure my dad has ever seen it. Enjoyed this post and will continue reading.