Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miscellany or Stuff from My Notebook

I have nothing to really guide this post. I haven't been doing many exciting things lately. Lydia Davis is going to give a reading on campus tomorrow, but I don't think I can go because I have night class. My daily writing has been mostly devoted to this monster draft of a thing on Centralia for Jeff Oaks's autobiography class. I need to start working on something else outside of classwork instead of just messing around. Of course, I have end-of-semester fiction revisions to be working on, so there's that. I hate revising things for class. I hate revising things in general, but I'm trying to get used to it. It's not that I think my work doesn't need revision. It's usually that I think my work needs SO MUCH revision, and I get a headache just thinking about it. I do not cope well.

So in the absence of anything else to talk about, here's some stuff from my notebook the last few days:

Research topics for autobiography:
-Central Pennsylvania in the late 60's and then the mid 80's
-Staten Island child abductions
-abandoned amusement parks
-child abductions in Central PA at that time?
-Vietnam, obvs. (Yes I actually wrote obvs in my notebook. I am terrible.)

Friends don't let friends respond to bad reviews. (I'm pretty sure this is from HTMLGiant. A lot of the stuff from my notebook is from HTMLGiant because it's how I pass time at work. I'm at work right now actually. There's not a lot for me to do here.)

What did I do? I made him hurt me. I pushed him, his nice churchboy crisp white shirt gentle hands not afraid to cry mindset. I threw up on the tiny white and gray tiles in my kitchen.

White Teeth:
"and of course Ophelia herself, who was to be found in the kernel of this nuthouse, curled up in a fetal ball on the sofa, making lowing sounds into a bottle of Bailey's."

I'm tired and I feel bad for not doing the dishes and I want somebody to find me interesting and I want to go to bed.

White Noise:
"'All plots tend to move deathward. This is the nature of plots. Political plots, terrorist plots, lovers' plots, narrative plots, plots that are part of children's games. We edge nearer death every time we plot. It is like a contract that we all must sign, the plotters as well as those who are the target of the plot.' Is that true? Why did I say it? What does it mean?"

"It was horrible - horrible. Like a chicken." -from the original Alien script


The Mountain Goats "No Children"
Matt & Kim "Good Ol' Fahsioned Nightmare"

Blog post: Why I need a Kindle

I wish I could have met David Foster Wallace even though I don't love his writing. I don't really know what it is. I guess he just has a nice face.

Blog post: WTF James Patterson, how are you the world's best-selling author? Oh yeah, you don't actually write your books anymore.

"If I'm working with a co-writer, they'll usually write the first draft. And then I'll write subsequent drafts." -James Patterson 

"'This is absolutely incredible, Hays. Dazzling, inspiring,' Lizbeth gushed, her gorgeous eyes shining with excitement. 'We really do run the world, don't we?'" -from Toys by James Patterson.

So that's what goes on in my notebook. I know you're all so captivated. There's some actual writing too, I promise.

I'm thinking of checking out those books by Amanda Hocking because her story is ridiculously interesting. Though I do think that paranormal romance is the worst thing to happen to the YA genre since... ever.

One last note: today the receptionist who works in the office where I'm employed as a student worker asked if I was eating. She then proceeded to say that if I need any help getting food, she would help me out. People officially think I'm so poor that I can't afford food.

Which is only half-true.


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